We at Affnet Media provide a robust platform for wide range of Performance Marketing Services.
We expertise in various models of marketing to suit our clients requirement and generate best ROI.
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Our Services

We create the most engaging and result-oriented digital marketing campaigns to help businesses achieve their specific goals. We balance the spirit of clients’ brands to achieve business objectives. If your marketing challenge is complex, our creative solution is simple. We unlock opportunities for creating world-class experiences for all audiences.

Search Engine Optimization’s

Get found by your customers organically! SEO is very dear to us and it is the core of our expertise. All our SEO strategies are geared towards getting you on top of the search results by optimising your website for both on-page and off-page. We will ensure your customers find your website across all locations, browsers, and devices.

Pay Per Click or PPC

Be seen by customers when they’re searching for the things you offer! PPC is a proven strategy and it can’t go wrong if done right. Whether you’re looking for more phone calls, website visitors or sales our certified Google experts will design your PPC campaign for specific goals and maximum conversions. And, we will never waste your PPC budget on irrelevant clicks.

Website Design & Hosting

Make your website and your first impression powerful! We build websites that look beautiful, respond to all devices and also convert customers. We knead user experience, functionality, design, and conversion together in our web designs. Our web designers can design stunning websites with great user experiences. From creating prototypes to hosting your website we can do it all.

Social Media Marketing

Keep your brand alive and your conversation running! Being on social media is not a choice anymore, but a necessity. We know how to tap, engage and convert the social media audience into paying customers. We can strategise and can even handle your social media accounts. Let us facilitate engagement and get you more loyal followers with our organic and paid social media campaigns.

Content Marketing

Be known for compelling content- only long-term marketing strategy! You can buy an ad space but you can’t buy a customer’s attention- you have to earn it.We inform, engage, and convert more leads with our compelling content. If you look closely, most of your competitors are creating heaps of content- blogs, videos, social media posts,etc.

Bulk Traffic/Visits

Looking for Bulk traffic/visits? Affnet Media network helps you to get genuine traffic/visits. You need the traffic to generate leads, to generate customers. Driving the right traffic allows you to fill up the top of your sales funnel. Website traffic gives your business the opportunity to earn new customers. Paid traffic is all the visitors that arrive at a website via a paid click on an ad or link.

Email Marketing

Building an email marketing strategy first starts by identifying your company’s business goals. From there, we analyze your business’s strengths, unique positioning, and target audience, and complete a competitive analysis. Based on our research, we develop an email marketing campaign that reinforces your company’s message and values to your audience in a way that will be fresh and relevant.

Performance Marketing

We market with a difference – Pay only after you get results! Tell us the objective & let us deliver. a form of digital marketing in which brands only pay marketing service providers after their business objectives have been met or when specific actions have been taken, such as a click, sale, or lead. Its goal is to trigger measurable user reactions and/or transactions.

Incentive Marketing

Find out why leading blue-chip brands use our cutting-edge Incentive Marketing to maximise the revenue from their acquisition, win-back, cross-sell and retention marketing campaigns. Digital rewards are viewed as the preferred means of incentivizing engagement by – marketers and customers alike. Recipients agree that receiving a digital reward such as an e-gift card is a welcomed touchpoint that increases engagement.

Native Advertising

Affnet Media Discover how to get your products in front of those highly engaged, discerning customers that traditional advertising can’t reach. Using a specific type of content to align a brand with a certain message, trend or celebrity; Targeting a consumer when they are most likely to engage with a brand or product, such as in Search Advertising (SEM).

Affiliate Marketing

Grow your network with our quality affiliates and achieve greater frontiers, With affiliate marketing, brands incentivise affiliates to promote their products/ services online by offering a commission for every sale. You can innovate to reach out to a wider audience while your existing work continues to generate revenue in the background.

Audience Network

Find out how to turn programmatic ad buying from a roll of the dice into a rich source of premium prospects, before your competitors even get a look in. Advertisers can serve up their ads to customers who are using mobile sites and apps other than Facebook, extending their reach beyond the platform while still getting to use Facebook’s exceptionally powerful ad system.